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Building Equity, Aspiration, Resilience

A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation 


Customized, California standards-aligned

after school enrichment programs,

workshops and clinics.




B.E.A.R. encourages sustainable social-emotional

growth by helping young people express 

themselves through art, music, and other creative practices, equipping youth with critical coping skills

that help them traverse the challenges of coming

of age in our hyper-connected, fast-paced culture. 

B.E.A.R. provides on-campus creative arts and social-emotional enrichment programs to school-aged youth in California. 

B.E.A.R. programs are tailored to the unique characteristics of our local school partners.  


B.E.A.R. also provides supplemental learning support through academic tutoring and acceleration.


All B.E.A.R. programs are accessible.


What Sets Us Apart

Our approach leverages the best of the "old school" and blends it with the best of the "new school".


Old School: we provide the foundational lessons in visual and performing arts so young creatives know and understand the roots of their chosen craft. Leveraging the "old school" ensures that today's budding artists and creatives have a dynamic and nuanced pool to draw upon for their creative expression.


New School: with seemingly infinite platforms on which to create art, it will be important for young artists to understand the best way to leverage these tools. Instruction is provided on the functionality of different platforms in addition to best practices for young people navigating the internet in a safe and productive way.



We believe equity is an essential component to a healthy and thriving society. By eliminating barriers to accessing creative arts, our collective culture and society will flourish.



We believe in instilling a growth mindset in young people. Eliminating arbitrary barriers to creative expression will widen the aspirational aperture in young people to pursue their passions.



We believe resilience is a key component for healthy mental and physical growth. Through exposure to coping skills that leverage creative practices, young people will have the tools to face and overcome adversity.

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